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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Free Jacks Tripped and Fell


Was this little shirt tug from Quattrin what set Robertson off? ... Old Glory stuns the Champs.

After winning 14 straight, the defending champs lost at the death in their home opener against rival Old Glory D.C. Jason Robertson was clutch down the stretch and drilled the game winning kick with no time on the clock. It was truly a game winning conversion (they were down 1, not tied), and it silenced a rowdy crowd in Quincy. Not only did Robertson's boot come up clutch, but he facilitated just about all of their tries (as a good fly-half does). 

This shakes up the "Power Structure" on the Eastern Front (see below). It's going to take more than 1 (1 point) loss to dethrone New England. They've been on a tear, and deserve the benefit of the doubt ... for now. After just 2 weeks (and not nearly enough rugby to make an informed decision), here's the current outlook.

1. NEFJ - one loss won't shake 14 straight wins.

2. NOLA - they've started hot before, but can they stay hot?

3. OGDC - after a week 1 dud, they delivered big on the road.

4. CHICAGO - ran out of oxygen up in Utah.

5. MIAMI - it wasn't "pretty in pink" up in Seattle.

6. ANTHEM - Still just a feel good story as of now.

Special thanks to Bozo6 from the Jack's Rangers who came on the to talk everything FreeJacks.


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