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Friday, July 12, 2019

RugbyPickEmBio - 011 - Lenny Martling

In our most recent RugbyPickEmBio we have Lenny Martling, father of Rugby PickEm producer Devin Martling (aka FloridaMan Dev).

He is the first rugby "Old Boy" that we interviewed with the sole purpose of hearing some great stories. Lenny didn't let us down as we rolled through his entire 15 year rugby career.

Lenny began playing the beautiful game of rugby at Kent State (kan't read, kan't write, Kent State) where a season was cut short due to the clashes between activist students and the National Guard.

Lenny got lucky when a separated shoulder on the rugby field kept him from getting drafted in Vietnam. He got luckier when he spent a semester gallivanting in Mexico with cousin Bobby and Michael Douglas (soon to be Michael Keaton) before he settled in Denver Colorado and began playing with the green and white, our favorite rugby club, the mighty Denver Barbarians.

His old boy stories with the Denver Barbarians go on for days. From playing with Milt Bennett (the conscientious objector), to singing in the barbershop quartet "The Jolly Bachelors" at O'Rourkes Cantina in Glendale CO, to going on his final tour (the Pink Cadillac Tour) with his newborn son Devin.

Lenny's rugby career opened up his professional career and set the course for the rest of his life.

Thanks to Uncle Johnny and Logan Collins (who graced us with their presence after 2 hours of waiting on them for the interview), FloridaMan Dev for convincing his father to tell his stories, and lastly thanks to Lenny for a great interview.

The Jolly Bachelors:
Lenny Martling
Joe Garrity (aka Chicago Louie)
Glen Ottofy
Matt McConville


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