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Friday, July 16, 2021

100 Episodes ... and we're just warming up (ft. Devin Martling)

Apparently in the podcasting world, it is a requirement to celebrate oneself for reaching 100 episodes. Well here's a nice digital pat on the back to the Rugby PickEm crew for creating the content that the rugby world wanted (but certainly didn't need) since 2018. 

We have a special recording for Rugby PickEm's century mark as we go back in time 3 years to spring of 2018 when RP started. Devin Martling was a pivotal part to the early days (after all ... he is our 'producer'). We were experimenting with more long-form rugby bios, and Devin was happy to be our test case. He told us about growing up around club rugby (son of the legendary Lenny Martling), playing for the first time, and how his passion for the game still burns today.

Dev in his element .... with an unruly fan supplying a beer shower.

When we started Rugby PickEm, we thought we'd have some fun, cover the MLR, support the players and (most importantly) keep the self-proclaimed "MLR Pundits" in check. Little did we know that it would be so much more. 100 episodes in and we're just warming up 🔥

Thanks to Devin for waiting 3 years for this audio to get published! He becomes the first Rugby PickEm legacy interview, after our interview the legendary Lenny Martling (who turned out to be one of the best story tellers on the show).

Thanks to all of the voicemail callers (720-259-8825), angry/outraged commenters, and the general rugby community for doing your part in bringing Rugby PickEm to 100 episodes!


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