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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Cole Zarcone - MLR Draft

We talked with Cole Zarcone about his phenomenal career at Central Washington University (CWU).
Cole Zarcone - #14 - Central Washington University

His personal high at CWU, was whooping BYU 51-7 (or something around those lines) just before the season was cut short due to the pandemic. They were 0-5 against BYU going into this years game and let's just say ... they were due.

Washington's Wildest Cat

Central Washington University Rugby (based in Ellensburg, WA ... aka the Windy City) is an independent program, who decides their own schedule. They have carved their own path by scheduling what most would deem an extremely tough spring schedule with fixtures against some of the most prolific Western rugby powerhouses.

Balance, Skill and Grace - Cole Z has it all!

TommyNoPiks: After graduating 4 key seniors, what is next year's Central team going to look like with Jack-Jack at the helm?

Cole answered .... with leaders like Jack-Jack, Lewis, and Aiden Latter (a 6'4" 275 Prop from Brisbane Aus), the team is ready to do damage in 2021.

Bed Head be damned, ... this guy just loves to train

Cole registered for the draft well before the pandemic. Some teams are asking for info, some teams have just gone dark. In the future, there might be a combine, but considering the pandemic, ... all coaches had to go off of is relations with college coaches and the game film they are provided.

Cole is ready to see the world outside of the North West ... he rocks a mean flat-brim game too
Johnny: Top 3 Teams ... "Where do you want to land?

1) NE Free Jacks - "I've loved the contacts I've had with Boston. What they got going on there is awesome. To experience the East coast and have a new adventure in life would be awesome."

2) Dallas Jackals - Gotta get a 10 Gallon hat (40 gallons?)

3) Seattle Seawolves - Close to home, but he's ready .... "Leaving to go somewhere, .... Wouldn't be against it".

The 2020 MLR Draft ... putting rookie players in a negotiating box since... well, 2020.

Bt: What was is like taking the jump from college rugby to a men's club  (played summer 7's for the Denver Barbarians) .... (oh and living with Jack-Jack on Tweak's couch?)

Cole: The sky is the limit for Jack, don't see why he would be an Eagle at some point.

What did the hand say to the face?

Bt: How are you going to balance building job skills as you continue to try and build your rugby career?

Cole: It's something I'm considering now going into the draft ... I haven't been totally sure what I want to do, but I want to continue to make connections (and read books), in addition to continually building a resume for life after rugby.

Uncle Johnny: What book are you currently reading?

Cole: Legacy, James Kerr

Green Room Set Up - Camas Washington
-Get a good group together (close fam and friends)
-Old Coaches that have pushed his career on
-Throw it on the big screen, and live in the moment

Drop Some Names:
Todd Thornley - "He took a risk on me, and asked me to trust the system. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am?"

Thanks to Cole, and the Rugby PickEm crew can't wait to pop bottles on draft night (and call him 2-3 hours after the pick because we are so thoughtful).

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