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Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Lustful Rugby Marriage

Happy Long Weekend. We can't believe it's been almost 4 months since rugby has been played in the US. And yet, strangely ... there's been more news than we could have ever imagined. Between player signings, two new MLR franchises (minus one withdrawing), and the inaugural MLR draft, it's actually been worth staying plugged in on what is going on here domestically .... even if there are no active games.

Bt and Tommy NoPiks hit the phone lines to hear from the people. It just so happens that our first caller wants to know about the new rugby marriage (right here in the Mile High City).

W.E. Ellis - 1:25

"W.E. Ellis calling from space. Long time listener. I was curious to hear if you approve of the arranged marriage between dead-broke USA Rugby and Glendale aka Rugbytown USA. I hate to sound like a cynic, but if my track record of ex-wives is an accurate indication it will be short-lived and full of lustfullness"

Per Alex Goff, USA Rugby gets the following from Glendale:
  • Rent-free offices for one year. 
  • Free use of Infinity Park field facilities for USA High Performance teams.
  • Free use of their High Performance gym for all USA HP teams. Stay swole ...
  • Two Men's 15's National Team games and one Women's 15's National Team game.
  • Special deals on local hotels for USA teams.

It sounds like a great deal for USA Rugby. On the other hand, Glendale gets to truly live up the the name of Rugbytown USA (in name AND practice). They can run their marketing side by side with USA Rugby and notable Eagles who drop in for camps and training. 

Hosting the test matches is HUGE! Last summer's USA vs. Canada game was an amazing environment, so I think the Colorado rugby community will benefit from many more high level test matches like that. Hopefully other American rugby fans will make the worthwhile trip to Infinity Park to support their national team in the future.

Joey from the Bronx (aka Joey Spimoani) - 5:17

"What's PickEm boys. How you doing? First time, long time. This is your boy Joey from the Bronx, Arthur Avenue. People call me Joey Spimoani now. Listen, I got a few things I'd like to get off my chest here. When this whole Major League Rugby thing started up, I was pretty amped ... I was pretty pumped to have a rugby here in New York in my beloved city. BUT, every time my RUNY boys play, every time I wanna catch match, I gotta haul my ass down to Coney Island MCU ballpark on the beach in friggin Brooklyn, FUGGEDABOUDIT. How bout we get some games up the Bronx baby, the real New York. Bring some sandwiches to the game, everyone have a good time? I don't know, just had to get that off my chest.... and can someone tell me where the goddamn fireworkd are coming from? They're scaring my dog. Go RUNY. Love you boys, keep at it and uh ... I'll see you out there."

MCU Park hasn't seen the best attendance numbers considering the size of New York's rugby fan base ...
(Photo: Keith Killeen)

And lastly, we leave you with a message from our old friend HARPO ... He's one of our inspirations, but he's also one of USA Rugby's biggest critic and cynic .... because he's seen it all. Here is HARPO's note:

Enjoy the time off, and we'll be back next week. PICKEM!

ps. call the voicemail line: 720-259-8825
If you got a crazy accent like Joey Spimoani then we'll probably use the audio regardless of your question's merit.

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