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Friday, May 14, 2021

Red Eye to SoFi

 Tyler Grant was born and raised in Arkansas. 

He has never been to Los Angeles, yet tomorrow night's red eye trip to LA to watch the top of the table Giltinis host the Warriors as they christen SoFi stadium's first live sporting event with fans seemed like a good idea to him when offered the chance. 

SoFi Stadium ... host the 2031 RWC Final????

When the big announcement came that the Giltinis would be playing in Stan Kroenke's new mexa-pleg, I applauded their effort to go "next level" in this 2021 season. You really only get one chance to bounce back in a big way after a 100 year pandemic, and they have delivered with big performances on big stages.

But Utah is hot, and they will back themselves to fight for a spot in the Western Conference Final. Could this game be a preview of the WCF? If so, it will be back at the Coliseum, but Rugby PickEm is excited to put boots on the ground in LA to (yet again) witness MLR history.

More to come ...

Go Big Or Go Home 

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