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Thursday, June 3, 2021

MLR Crunch Time

It's put up or shut up time as the MLR season quickly approaches the playoffs. The Giltinis lose for the 2nd time on the East coast, but don't worry ... the lads are enjoying a quick trip to Cabo for some R&R on the bye week. Rugby PickEm favorite Billy Meakes did the ol' backwards lunge and should be coming back from the trip firing on all cylinders. Big congrats ... this guy broke his orbital 6 weeks ago, but no worries mate .... back on the horse already.

If you can see past Missile's jacked quads, you'll notice that Max Heaton loves a good form tackle. He was all over the field for Rugby ATL bottling up even the electric Sir William Meakes

Sitting first in the East, RATLer nation is fired up after their big win at home, but NOLA is looking to get back on the top of the eastern table. This rivalry clash will be pivotal in a conference that is still tighter than most Aussies' skinny jeans. NOLA currently sits in 3rd, and this will be their final home game at the Gold Mine. Props to Tim Falcon for making his team's stadium available for the CRC 7's. Feeding the growth of the college game will only help develop the draft picks going straight into the MLR.

Lastly, we finish with Tommy NoPiks reading a somewhat dramatic post from the Giltinis FB page. Shoutout to Cole Kinder for caring ... (a bit too much? ... nah). 


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