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Friday, March 8, 2024

Rugby FCLA #BlueOaks

Historical Record: 0-0

Week 1 Result: 32-29 loss vs. Dallas

Skinny: Atlanta packs up and moves to the sunny hills of Los Angeles. Coach Steve Brett brings with him the core of the players that won a fair share of games as the RATLers. But just like the phoenix who rose from the ashes, Rugby FCLA arises with vibrant colors! The royal blue and tinge of yellow hits just right. Will this team be an immediate threat in the West? Remains to be seen ... Week 1 showed they can score points, but the last team to win an MLR Shield in Los Angeles also played stout defense. And the logo ... ? Well that looks like a Blue Acorn to me. And we all know that Blue Acorns soon become #BlueOaks

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