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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

HARPO in Studio!

HARPO in STUDO! That's right folks, we broke down week 4 with the one and only as he updated us on his upcoming trip to Maggotfest in Missoula, his complicated relationship with technology and his pet peeve ... missed tackles. 

Maggotfest in Missoula Montana attracts the STRANGEST of the STRANGE each year in May

Things got a little off the walls this week and it's the audio editing job of the year. 

Phil Mack is this week's spiciest scrummy, Pete Steinberg snatched the announcing crown this week and sideline reporter Stacey Paetz has stolen our hearts. 

When you have HARPO in studio (and the guys record immediately after rubbing elbows in the Try Club) .... you get top notch rugby banter. Enjoy this week's first taste of HARPO in the flesh!

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