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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Week 6 - We're Back Folks

After a week off from recording ... (the boys were in TCB mode), we recap you on everything MLR. 

Uncle Johnny has a couple of bones to pick in his "State of the Rugby Union", last week's game recaps features the spiciest scrummy, first-team all-hair, #RigJealousy, Dan Power and Grant Cole's awkward broadcast chemistry, we take different stands on heckling kickers, and our premier of "Eighty Minute Men". 

Americans do their sports heckling a bit different than the rest of the world ... 😬

HARPO sends a goodbye text, we get some strange voicemails, Thanking Doug, Player Try Pool, our hopeful outlook on the Eagle's June Test games and next week's MLR spreads and picks. All that and more on this week's Rugby PickEm.

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