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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rugby OVERLOAD ... Banter, Celebrations, Recaps, Picks and .... Breaking News?

The PickEm guys can barely handle all the rugby over the weekend but we do it for our fans .... Uncle Johnny gives his "State Of The Rugby Union", recapping Wales vs. SA in the Nation's Capital, London 7s, and Club National Championships. 

Vili Toluta'u in the open field .... please add 3 inches to his height in the gameday roster.

We talk MLR, featuring our usual weekly awards. Vili Toluta'u wins #FirstTeamAllHair and Marcus Walsh is our #spiciestscrummy. 

In our first ever Breaking News on #RugbyPickEm .... Logan Collins will make his MLR debut this week with Glendale. We change it up and pick against the point spreads for the June International Test Matches. All that and more on this week's Rugby PickEm.

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