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Friday, June 22, 2018

RugbyPickEmBio - 003 - Logan Collins

Sitting down with Logan Collins after his first MLR cap was a treat. We started talking summer 7's, and proceeded to bounce off the walls covering everything from when he started playing rugby his senior year of high school with James Patterson in Colorado Springs, to learning from kiwis in Dunedin, to winning the one and only PRO Rugby Championship with the Denver Stampede, and his Super League days with the Denver Barbarians. Lots of culture in this week's bio with a guy who plays drums, professional rugby, and holds down a full-time job on the side. Enjoy this week's RugbyPickEmBio with Logan Collins and Rugby PickEm producer Florida Dev .... (and don't forget to listen all the way through the outro)!

Top 3 – Early Day Barbos
1) Justin Stencil
2) Maximo DeAchaval
3) Taylor Howden

Top 3 - CSU Social Squad
1) Tommy Staab
2) Danny Bolling
3) Nick the Brick

Top 5 Rappers (Brought to you by Elliot Dillon-Herzog’s favorite Chris Rock movie … “Top 5”)
1) Nas
3) Lil Wayne (recently freed)
4) J-Cole
5) Jay-Z (Black Album)

Favorite thing on the internet these days - Dog Videos

Rugby PickEm Haiku:
Colorado Springs
Denver Barbarians Rugby
Good Conversation

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