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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rugby World Cup 7's - The San Francisco Chronicles

The Rugby PickEm gang had a blast in San Francisco. Even though our Eagles didn't win it all, we soaked up 3 days of awesome 7's rugby. Bt, Uncle Johnny, and FloridaMan Dev take us through a roller coaster of a weekend where we talked to Ben Pinkleman (for a couple seconds), Pink's Peeps, tourists at Fisherman's Wharf, two lovely Kiwis (who received an unexpected delivery), and the Pope himself ... Sir Duncan Townsend.

Scenes for the final on Sunday. Massive Rugby Energy throughout the stadium

WPL all-star game recap, a bit of Super Rugby, and a preview of club 7's nationals. An action packed episode that took a while to put together, but the snail's pace that ensures it's done right.


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