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Thursday, April 11, 2019

MLR Mid-season Banter - Uncle Johnny Returns

Uncle Johnny returns for his first show in 2019 .... (we missed him dearly) and he joins Bt and our very special guest Barry Herbert aka the Mile High Saffa.

We catch you up the high flying USA 7's Eagles (first-ranked team in the world / solar system / galaxy).

USA rugby got new sponsor: Ernst & Young ..... an accounting firm  😴zzz😴zzz😴

 Lastly we take a deep dive in the mid season report on our favorite local league ... Major League Rugby.

We ask about the health of the league in year 2, and try to answer HARPO's biggest pet peeve ... Where are the ASSES in SEATS?

In "Table Talk" we look at the jam packed table and predict which teams will be successful in the back end of the season.

Lastly .... in honor of our show's name, we PickEm!

Barry and Johnny love the chalk this week, hinting that the favorites will again prevail ... Bt has other predictions.

Join our Superbru league founded by HARPO himself.
League name: H2OBOYZ

Listen through the credits to hear us break news in "MLR Whispers"...

Enjoy the packed show, and most importantly .... PICKEM!

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