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Monday, August 7, 2023

Broccoli Guy - Seattle Sports SuperFan

Sometimes, an interview is so big ... so massive and emotional ... so monumental and groundbreaking ... that you simply can't edit & publish it in the following hours. No, sometimes the weight of the moment is simply too grand ... it needs to simmer, and grow with the wild and fantastical rise of the individual.

Presenting Broccoli Guy. Ladies and Gentleman "We Got Him".

The interview was aptly conducted in his car (in a hotel parking lot) back in the summer of 2021. The man (myth & legend) they call Jim Stewart Allen was everything one could imagine and more. 

Broccoli Dancing: It's All In The Hips and Shoulders

In the summer of 2021, the club rugby world rejoiced when summer 7's resumed and the club national tournament was held at Starfire Stadium in Tukwila Washington. The big names and clubs were all in attendance, but none bigger than a man who has been trailblazing super-fandom in the Pacific Northwest for years. In an ode to a high fiber diet, and absolute kookiness, Broccoli Guy has injected himself into the heart and soul of the Sports SuperFan Universe by munching on assorted vegetables while also dancing, while also just raising the roof on each and every sporting event he attends.

"Raw Broccoli? Why Not?!"

Inspired by Seattle Super-Fan legend Kris Brannon aka "Sonics Guy", Broccoli Guy made his first jumbotron appearance at a Mariners game and was immediately addicted to the rush. He has since made a splash across just about every professional sporting event in the Pacific Northwest. He's no stranger to Seawolves games, and even made the 35 hour round trip to LA to watch the 2021 Giltinis final

While he'd love to make fruit and vegetable dancing a full blown money making career, his day job as a substitute teacher keeps him busy. He one day hopes to be a positive role model for kids who are looking to improve their healthy eating habits. If you are a piece of produce, be on the lookout for the dancing fool in the stands of StarFire stadium who may just gobble you up.

Special Thanks to Jim Steward Allen for being a good sport and having a laugh at himself!



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