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Friday, February 7, 2020

2020 MLR - West Preview (ft. Tommy No Piks & Kim Jordan)

The 2020 MLR Preview You WANT but Don't NEED has arrived.- Coaching, Front Office, HASHTAGS and Potential Mascots ... We cover it all.

Austin Herd

Brett Simmons - Coach
Adam Gilchrist - New Owner
(Note: We recorded AFTER the Gilgronis announcement)

Clearly pandering to UT alumns with the new colors...

#joinTheHerd …. We should make one … #whatdidAustinHear?

Can GM Todd Clever produce wins?

Bold Stadium ... definitely an upgrade from Round Rock

Colorado Raptors

Coach -  Pete Borlase
Attach Coach - Steven Brett
GM - Peter Pasque / Mark Bullock
Ownership -  Mayor Mike and Co.

#ColoRaptors #CORaptors #RaptorsRugby … trying the new combos and seeing what hits. Tinkering with their SEO

Is it just me or does the back of Colorado's away kit look like a scene from Black Swan? Pretty exotic look

Houston SaberCats

Paul Healy - Head Coach
Paul Emerick - Backs Coach

AVEVA Stadium in all her glory

#tearitUp  … interesting choice considering the turf issues in the Aveva Stadium opening

Bring Back the Bumble Bee Jerseys

Very excited to see a couple Rugby PickEm Guys Taylor Howden and Zach Pangelinan on the same pitch again.

Utah Warriors

Chris Latham - Head Coach
Team was recently purchased by SD Legion ownership.

Gus McClellan was "First Team All Hair" in Rugby PickEm's inaugural honors 


The Mountains are calling .... so I'll glance at them from the stands in between the rugby

San Diego Legion

#weAreLegion #SDLegion … hats off to marketing, they had their Nonu jerseys ready day of the signing.

Legion fans don't fuck around ....

Also sold some shirts with proceeds going to Australia Wild fire relief

Seattle Seawolves

#TogetherWeHunt … love this one, pack mentality which has led them to championship level success right out of the gate.

#defendtheDynasty - that’s just a straight up flex on the rest of the league

If Kees Lensing brings the title back this year I think it will be the first time in professional sports that 3 different coaches won a title for the same team over a three year span.

Do back to back championships qualify as a dynasty? Or do you have to win 3?


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