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Monday, May 18, 2020

RugbyPickEmBio - 016 - Lin Hill

Lin Hill (player, coach, admin, part time team trainer) played her first game in at 13, following the 12 around the pitch and doing her best to manage on the fly. After dabbling in some summer 7's (working at sweeper), she eventually transitioned to the play-making roles of the 15's game, the halfback options.

The Facilitator at Work ... (also, credit to Susi Seitz on all these great photos)

From her experience as a coxswain, she fit right in at scrumhalf. The 9 jersey will always have her heart, and the work she put into her scrummy pass will always stick with her. But the fly-half has so many creative options (the pin and pass) and marching the team across the pitch and facilitating strike runners is always enjoyable.

She screamed her voice box out ... as a coxswain and a scrummy

Jon Mooney - Black Ice Coach
Leann Lam, Jenny Lui - Scrummies playing for Glendale. Taught her skills and game-play flow.
Nichole Wanamaker, Alli Hale - Rocky Mountain 7's
Alice Plant - put her on the board (match sec)

Sarah Hirini
Kelly Brazier

Worked with Jillion PotterSarah Chobot and some NFL brahs ... nbd.

Injuries Recovered From:
dislocated shoulder, chronic subluxation
dislocated patella, tearing ACL/MCL/LCL ... step on your teammates folks!
re-torn labrum

Nice little chop tackle!

Top 3:

Molly Quinn (Mouth) - Black Ice - "All-around incredible player .... she's got it all"

Blaine Martin - Tacoma - "Incredible utility player, can kick, jump in the line out and is fast as shit"

Leanne Lamb - Glendale "I attribute a lot of my skill to her .... really fun to play with, and is just so nice"

Lin Hill, .... Off to the Races!

X-Factor Teamate:

Julia Gatten - "Goes out of her way to make the newbies feel welcome"

Amelia Lee Kucic - "Can always bank on her"


(Shoutout to Matt Clement, playing his rendition of The Dendrites' hit song "So Were You".)

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