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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Bermuda 10s - (ft. Barry Herbert)

A couple months ago, if you weren't a player, coach or media member being asked to join, you'd have thought the World 10s Series was a mythical legend. Sure we've gotten whiffs of different codes popping up just to never be taken seriously, but 10s had fallen into the category of "potentially successful, IF DONE RIGHT). After speaking with Rugby PickEm friend Taylor Howden (the next Eddie Jones in the making) and he confirmed he was coaching the (throwback) Ohio Aviator side in Bermuda 10's, my mind began racing with questions about business side of things...

  • Who are the financial backers and what are their end game?
  • Is Bermuda 10's the beginning of a year-round 10's tour?
  • With 7's programs getting cut around the world by broke unions, will 10's take flight?
  • Where does 10's land on the player safety scale? 
  • Are the massive 15's collisions slightly reduced?
  • Could this be the code that helps rugby survive long term?

Luckily, we had old Rugby PickEm legend Barry Herbert back on the show via South Africa where he's currently holed up waiting out the pandemic.

The mythical clouds have receded, and the teams have assembled in the mystical island of Bermuda. If you don't believe me, believe the sky sport reporter Nick Heath (who looks like a cross between Ewan McGregor and Jesse Plemmons ... who we all know as Landry) who is on the scene in Bermuda. In his words .... "The deals are done, the contracts are being signed."

Bermuda is no stranger to rugby. They have hosted the World Rugby Classic on their shores since 1988, this year being the first after 21 years to be cancelled due to Covid. But the tournament backers and organizers went all in on making the tournament as safe as possible. Not just for the players, but for the residents of Bermuda. Any involved in the tournament who would be travelling to the island were required to produce multiple negative tests at different intervals in the lead up to the tournament. Mistakes do happen, and Covid has proved time and time again to be tricky and annoyingly resilient, but the geographical nature of the island creates a "bubble-esque" environment similar to the NBA and WNBA bubbles in Disney and IMG academy in Florida over the past few months. It's easier to control the variables when you aren't travelling week in and week out to play in home stadiums (in front of small or no crowds) like the NFL, MLB, and other leagues are attempting to do.


  • Frikkie De Beer
  • Oscar Ouma (Kenya 7s)
  • Marzuq Maaman
  • Thinus Van Zyl
  • Cory Daniel
  • Andrew Amonde
  • Tienie Burger
  • Gary Porter
  • Harry McNulty (Ireland 7s)
  • Luke Treharne
  • Craig Hunt
  • Cecil Afrika (Blitzbok 7s)
  • Connor Wallace Sims (Rugby United New York)
  • Oscar Dennis
  • JT Jackson
  • JP Du Plessis (NOLA Gold)
  • Willy Ambaka (Kenya 7's)
  • Collins Injera (Kenya 7's)
  • Christian Ambadiang
  • Dewald Naude

Miami Sun
  • Will Vakalahi (Old Glory DC)
  • Anthony Parry (Rugby United New York)
  • Michael Brown (Rugby United New York)
  • Josh Larsen (New England Free Jacks)
  • Matthew Hughson
  • Luca Tani (LA Giltinis)
  • Wesley Teo (Blemont Shore)
  • Moses Lalasava (Seattle Saracens)
  • Connor Buck (WTS Combines)
  • Nick Boyer (San Diego Legion)
  • Joey Sok (WTS Combines)
  • Nolan Tuamoheloa (Utah Warriors)
  • James Stokes
  • Mark O’Keefe (Landsdowne)
  • Tyrie Allen (WTS Combines)
  • Matthew Coore (WTS Combines)
  • Troy Lockyear (Rugby United New York)
  • Janry Du Toit
  • Marcus Satuva
  • DTH Van der Merwe

London Royals

  • Stephen Coetzee (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Devanate Onojaife
  • Andrew Durutalo (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Sean McNulty (LA Giltinis)
  • Collin Hughes (WTS Combines Athlete)
  • Ross Neal (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Max Northcote-Green
  • Alex Gray, 
  • Aldo Campbell
  • Richard de Carpentier
  • Robert Elan-Puttick (Austin Gilgronis)
  • James Haley (WTS Combine Athlete)
  • Tom Mitchell
  • David Busby (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Alex Davis
  • JP Aguirre (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Tom Bowen
  • Tom Emery
  • Dan Norton
  • Giovani Douyyon (WTS Combine Athlete)
  • Ben Foden (Rugby United New York)
Ohio Aviators
Sure, they have a fresh new logo, .... but I'll take any excuse to resurface some PRO content

  • Kyle Baillie (NOLA Gold)
  • Chris Baumann (Austin Blacks)
  • Dylan Fawsitt (Rugby United New York)
  • Riekert Hattingh (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Eric Howard (NOLA Gold)
  • Spencer Krueger (New England Free Jacks)
  • John Sullivan (NOLA Gold)
  • Brad Tucker (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Paddy Ryan (Unattached)
  • Moni Tongauiha (NOLA Gold)
  • Bryce Campbell (Unattached)
  • Ben Cima (Seattle Seawolves)
  • JP Eloff (NOLA Gold)
  • Tiaan Loots (Unattached)
  • Will Magie (Austin Gilgronis)
  • Shawn Riley (NOLA Gold)
  • Cristian Rodriguez (Belmont Shore)
  • JP Smith (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Shalom Suniula (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Nick Feakes (NOLA Gold)

Coaching Staff

Taylor Howden – Head Coach
Tom Rooney – Program Director
Richard Quincy – Medical Director
Zack Stryffeler – Manager
Kane Thompson – Assistant Coach

Asia Pacific Dragons

  • Vili Tolutau – (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Jamason Fa’anana-Schultz (Old Glory DC)
  • Faafetai William Teo (Old Mission Beach Athletic Club RFC)
  • Chris Eves (Manawatu)
  • Lino Saunitoga (Kalihi Raiders)
  • Apisai Naikatini (Old Glory DC)
  • Maikeli Naromaitoga  Miles Wakelin
  • Rowan Gouws
  • Kurt Morath (Austin Gilgronis)
  • Nafi Tuitavake 
  • Tomasi Alosio (Samoa 7s)
  • Thretton Palamo (Old Glory DC)
  • Tommy Bell
  • Hemaua Samisoni
  • Elden Schoeman (Turks)
  • Alex Khutsishvili (WTS Combine Athlete)
  • Jamil Robinson (WTS Combine Athlete)
Rhinos Rugby

  • William Leonard (Rugby United New York)
  • Zach Bonte (Unattached)
  • Jacques Rabe (SAS Rugby 7s)
  • Christian Holmes (Heusenstamm Foxes)
  • Conor Kindregan (New England Free Jacks)
  • Courtney Winnaar (Unattached)
  • Cyrille Cama (Rhinos U23 HP Academy)
  • Carl Meyer (NOLA Gold)
  • Jack Casey (Houston Sabercats Academy)
  • Jacob Hidalgo (Unattached)
  • Jake Campey (Westcliff RFC)
  • Julian Dominguez Widmer (NOLA Gold)
  • Luyolo Dapula (Unattached)
  • Mike Te’o (Utah Warriors and USA Eagles)
  • Nick Taylor (Seattle Seawolves)
  • Oliver Nott (Canada National Senior Men’s)
  • Patrick Regan (UCLA)
  • Tyler Fujimoto (Rhinos U23 HP Academy)
  • Eric Naposki (UCLA)

Middle East Phoenix

Lineup ... tbd

Lastly, what's going on with the Springboks?


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