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Sunday, February 14, 2021

State of the Rugby Union 2-11-21

Welcome back to Rugby PickEm! After a month off (to let things breath), we check back into a year of rugby that's sure to be constantly changing as the MLR games proceed in a month's time.  

Uncle Johnny, Tommy No Piks, Bt & Reiko in the house (casa de Collins) for a "State of the Rugby Union" ...

It takes a village ...

- MLR Teams report. Overseas players may struggle with pandemic travel restrictions, but that may create an early season opportunity for local domestic players (ideally young and uncapped at professional level).

- Dallas dispersal draft is under way. Some players have landed, others have yet to be announced. It's really good to see the league work hard to find the players who had been promised contracts in Dallas an opportunity somewhere else (ideally local to their upbringing, family, etc...). 

*Update* Since recording, #9th overall pick, AIC stud, Club 7s 2019 National Champ with WAC) Tommy Hunkin-Clark has signed with the Seattle Seawolves (2X usmlr Champs and home of the SeaWall). I've seen him dominate grown men at a young age (2019 Club National 7's in KC), and have complete confidence he'll end up in the Eagle pool at some stage during his rugby career. Washington talent staying local! Best of luck to Tommy and the Seawolves in the upcoming season. The 2018 Final MVP Vili Toluta'u announced he's moving on from Seattle after 3 years, so there will be fresh opportunities in the loosies. 

- USA Rugby announces there will be no official organized club national tournament for the 2021 spring season. This is no surprise as different regions around the country are currently operating under different rules and regulations in regard to the pandemic. They are shaping up to come back with summer 7s. Can some players in the MLR make a seamless transition from the end of the MLR season straight into club 7s in their local cities ...? (One can only hope, but some players will be burned out after a long grind. The month of July will prove to be exciting with MLR entering playoffs and club 7s returning.)




  1. Great to have you back boys. Hearing lots of interest in MLR this upcoming year. Do you know the broadcast schedule or how it can be watched on the internet?

    1. Ben, thanks for the support. You will be updated on the broadcasts as the season approaches!