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Thursday, July 29, 2021

MLR Finals Preview (ft. RATLer standout Jeremy Missile Misailegalu)

The MLR Final has arrived featuring the L.A. Giltinis hosting Rugby ATL at the Coliseum Sunday night on CBS (or "big" CBS, as the commissioner likes to refer to it as. 

When he's not chatting it up at the Hooch, he's volunteering in his community and spreading the game of rugby in Atlanta.

We caught up with Rugby PickEm favorite Jeremy "Missile"🚀 Misailegalu who has held down the #14 jersey all season for Rugby ATL...


- Players spend their entire rugby careers trying to get to a Final. Will you have butterflies before kickoff in LA on Sunday?

Yes. I often puke before games. It's almost a pre-game ritual at this point.

- If your team is victorious, you'll be the first player in MLR history to hoist the shield with two different teams. What would that mean to you?

It would be a huge honor. To accomplish that so early in my career would be special.

- Your instagram stays fresh ... have you enjoyed building your personal brand throughout this successful season with Rugby ATL?

I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Growing my personal brand along with growing the Rugby ATL team identity has been an amazing ride.

- Lastly, what is your pregame meal and what song do you have in the earbuds on the way to the game?

Well, they feed us before the game, so we don't really get to choose, but I keep it light (....because of the pregame butterflies). And if I'm listening to something pregame, it's coming from Lil Wayne's No Ceilings mixtape.


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