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Friday, October 1, 2021

Eagles vs. Los Teros & Premier Rugby 7's

The Eagles are a home/away series vs. Uruguay away from qualifying for the Americas 1 spot in the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. After a scintillating win at Glendale two weeks ago against Canada, the Eagles showed they can win with their backs against the wall overcoming a -15 point deficit against the men in red. 

Saturday night, they'll be without AJ MacGinty their first form five-eight. 

Oddly enough, the lineup involves 5 MLR forwards all from the Eastern Conference (... 3 from RUNY, 2 from NOLA) AND 5 MLR backs all from the Western Conference (3 Gilgronis, 1 Warriors, 1 Seawolves).

Isn't that ODD?

Shoutout to @EaglesOverseas for the graphic

Can the Eagles win these next two games against Los Teros ???

We certainly hope so ... can you imagine how great it would be to watch USA play France IN France? Even a chance to upset the host team would be a great opportunity for the Eagles. Or even a chance to square off against the haka in a RWC? How good mate????

Americas 1 .... That Could Be US!!!

Premier Rugby Sevens in Memphis will be exciting. There's plenty of USA 7's capped Eagles sprinkled into the mix, along with some other up and coming 7's talent. And how about those team names?!

Here's the teams we're riding with for October 9th:

Uncle Johnny - Headliners

Tommy NoPiks - Loonies

Bt - Loggerheads

See you all at Infinity Park Saturday for a ton of rugby action:

10am - USA Pathways Academy vs. 404 Academy (turf)

Noon - Denver Barbarians vs. Denver Waterdogs (turf)

2:30pm - American Raptors vs. Seattle Rugby Club (stadium)

6:00pm - USA vs. Urugauy (stadium)


Update on Tommy's Tik Tok Project .... "It will drop this weekend, for sure".

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