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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

MLR Year 6 - Eastern Conference BOLD Predictions

 Striking Gold

King Creole is ready for that postseason smoke

NOLA Gold have been a founding member and have always been on the cusp of the playoffs. They have talent in the back row, and have signed some key collegiate players to bolster the squad. King Creole and his marching band have high expectations for a team that has been oh so close for o so long.

Bold Prediction: NOLA Gold finish top 2 in the East. They will host a playoff game at the Gold Mine in late June or early July (hot, swampy and stanky hot conditions). Devin Short breaks through the national team and gets his first Eagle cap.

New Brand, Not Brand New

Which one of these brands strikes fear in an opponent?

The Rugby ATL front office caught some serious flack for the rebrand ... but on the pitch, they walk the walk. Steve Brett has his systems in place to put up points and play fast. The turf at Silverback Park favors speed and quick ball, not to mention the fact that a swampy hot conditions toward the end of the season will be a shock for their eastern conference rivals. Expect them to string together big wins down the stretch in May /  June.

Bold PredictionRugby ATL makes the playoffs ... again. They've been consistently good and have proven they can strike from the grasses with deadly force ... (I already miss the snake branding). Nothing helps a PR snafu with your fans than a winning record!

New Found Glory

Can we get the infamous band out to Segra for a halftime performance?

2022 was a tough year for OGDC. Brutal start, stronger finish. Now they are returning the majority of their squad, but with a brand new coach at the helm. Danny Tusitala has never missed a First-Team All-Hair selection in his career. Cory Daniel has been the best defender in the MLR for the last calendar year ... the front office brought in the closest thing to his clone to bolster the loose forward group. Will we see the first brother combo in the leagues history lining up at 6 & 7 in Cory and Brady Daniel? If it does happen, you can be sure that the announcers won't stop ramming that storyline down the viewers throats for the 2 hour broadcast.

Bold Prediction: OGDC breaks through and makes the playoffs in a pivotal year for the franchise. It won't be easy (like it is at Sheehy auto stores), but they will find their form and establish a New Found Glory under new coach Josh Syms

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