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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Mike Matarrazo - Chicago Hounds

The Evolution of Mike Matarazzo

Mike Matarazzo isn't just a big body ... he's a student of the game and one of the young dynamic players in the MLR. Clocking in at 6'5", 250lbs, he's a tower in the lineout and has the hands to move the ball under pressure. We caught up with Mike back in fall of 2021 when he attending the U-23 Eagle Pathway Camp. At the time, Mike had just signed with Dallas and was selected to travel down to Uruguay with the Falcons. 

Since then, he's played a ton of MLR minutes, and was most recently selected for Team of the Week as he continues to get selected for the Chicago Hounds (both in the 2nd row and the loose). Mike has a huge rugby future ahead of him!

Top 3 (Players Mike has shared the jersey with) - 

Evan Slattery - Flanker, Ginger, Super Fiery Rugby Player. Always made the big tackle.

Pat McMahon - "Hell of a guy to play with" - M.M.

Johan Momsen - Professor of lineouts, ATL leader.

Special Thanks to Mike for rolling with the punches (waiting ~2 years since the recording!)


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