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Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Rise & Fall of Gilly Gilly

Have we ever seen a bigger lighting rod of a character in the USA Rugby landscape than Adam Gilchrist? Love him or hate him ... there's no denying that he shook up the league (to put it lightly) in the two years of his rise and fall. We recapped the last year of the two Gil franchises, and discussed what Gilly's legacy will be years from now. From entering the league with a huge bang in 2020 (launching not one but TWO teams and rebranding them in his vanity), to breaching the salary cap and being voted out by his fellow MLR partners in 2022.... The past two years have certainly shown the US Rugby fanbase that crazy shit can happen in quick time!

We're not sad it's over ... we're just happy that it happened. Gilly Gilly!

Also on the podcast:

Uncle Johnny previews the newest team in the MLR the Chicago Wolfhounds.

HARPO demands that all the old curmudgeons drinking pints in the back room retire.

Tommy No Piks laughs incessantly (but in an adorable way).


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