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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Le Shane Williams 'Tiny Dancer' of Le Tournament

What makes a great winger? Is it the ability to beat the best defenses? The slight of foot, and dashing balance as they navigate through a trove of stout defenders? What about a lethal step, or an unimaginable field vision?

Uncle Johnny was in studio to flesh out who Le Shane Williams 'Tiny Dancer' of Le Tournament is for this dazzling affair in France the past few weeks. While many names come straight into mind (.... think RWC 2019 final when Owen Farrell got spun around like a ballerina) ... John has his list of names both old and new who were in contention for the prestigious Rugby PickEm Award. Could it be Mack "The Knife" Hansen, Sir Darcy Graham (straight out of a Jane Austen novel), or a rather new name on the winger circuit ... the Portuguese Raffeale Storti (aka Storti the Shorty) ???

All that and more on a rather wild and crazy Rugby PickEm. 



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