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Friday, July 6, 2018

RugbyPickEmBio - 004 & 005 - Michael Pisney & Danny Bell

It’s our first RugbyPickemBio Threesome!

If you’ve ever played well into your 30’s, then this is an interview for you. Danny Bell’s career took an international route, from Kenya to the U.K. eventually landing himself in Arizona. Michael Pisney grew up corn-fed and started his own high school team in Iowa before moving to Denver to join the Barbos. Stories, jokes, voicemails, banter and more with these two rugby veterans. Enjoy!

Top 3 – Michael Pisney – Iowa Ruggers
1) Mike Kelly
2) Paul “The Cactus” Emerick
3) Steven Murra

 Top 3 – Danny Bell – Arizona Ruggers
1) Ryan Thompson
2) Michal Roble
3) Ally Miller

 Rugby PickEm Haikus:

Danny Bell - 
Kenya/England Youth
Hilton (Ritz) Bellman, Loves his Tips
Arizona Sunburnt Heart

 Michael Pisney -
Iowa Farm Boy
Barbo Nation, Here I Come

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