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Friday, April 22, 2022

Denver Barbarians vs. American Raptors - A Local Darby


This Local Rivalry goes back to 2007 when the Glendale Stadium was Constructed

On Saturday, 4/23/22, the Denver Barbarians will play against the American Raptors. The teams have played on and off since 2007, and each time they square up against each other, the rugby fans of Denver Colorado benefit.

Since 2007, the competitions have morphed and shaped year to year (see below). The product always seemed to be elite level clubs on the cusp of professionalism. With the PRO Rugby formation (and quick disintegration) in 2016, everything changed. The two teams have not played consistently since 2016 and Saturday's game looks to change that.

Elite Cup (2012)

Professionals vs. Amateur Club
What dynamics go into each differing set up?
Advantages/disadvantages of being professional?
Advantages/disadvantages of being amateur club?

Importance of playing local Darbies
Building the level of competitive rugby in Denver
Growing the Denver rugby fan base. 
Iron Sharpens Iron

Players to Watch:

American Raptors:
Max Dacey
Seimou Smith
Line Latu
Kaleb Repp
Luke Mallette

Denver Barbarians:
Luca Tani
Mike Lawrensen
Eric Sykes
Conor O’Brien
Malik Bryant

Saturday - 4/23 

3:00pm - Denver Barbarians vs. American Raptors

5:00pm - Denver Barbarians vs. Denver Waterdogs

Infinity Park Turf 

1055 S Cherry Street


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