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Friday, March 27, 2020

Best Rugby Crossover Sports - ft. Logan Collins, Ke'Von Williams, Ben Pinkelman

Best Rugby Crossover Sports

Logan Collins, Ke'Von Williams and Ben Pinkelman sat down and recorded last summer as Pink was gearing up for a RWC run. We talked about what types of crossover athletes transfer the best to rugby. After much debate, 4 opinions and no consensus. Enjoy, and PICKEM!

Ke'Von working the corner as Pink supports 
(Photo cred: Travis Prior)

Logan: Basketball
upside = understand spacing, help defense, usually tall
downside = does a wet jump shot equate to rugby? (TBD)

Ke'Von: Decathalon
upside = can do a bit of everything
downside = can do a bit of everything

Pink: Wrestling
upside = physical, winning rucks in tight space
downside = can't pass well, mental wreck (due to solo sport history?!)

Bt: Football
upside = physicality, beasts
downside = lacking real time decision making

Ke'Von's dream crossover = Russell Wilson at #10

Pinky supporting his mate (just look at those teardrop quads 👀😍)
(photo cred: Travis Prior)

Logan: Hockey
upside = toughness, hand eye coordination
downside = Canadians are the only proof of hockey crossovers

Bt: Soccer (soft?)
upside = foot eye coordination, Cody Melphy played soccer
downside = low scoring, boring defensive games, flopping

Pinkelman: Volleyball
upside = set piece experts
downside = way too chill

Ke'Von: Baseball
upside = chummy team sport, hand eye coordination
downside = only a contact sport if your hitting well...

Boys who scrap together, win together .... (cue Danny Barrett running in with the collar grab)
(Photo cred: The King of Colorado Rugby Photography: Travis Prior)

Pinks Favorite OTC Drills:
- Pinky Drills (getting up off the ground quickly and flipping 180 degrees)
- 3 v 3 (live format)

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