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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Rugby Movie Reviews

State of the Rugby Union:

Gus Pichot is running against incumbent Bill "Boomer" Beaumont for World Rugby's Chairman.

The young (in administrator years) and feisty Argentinian wants to see a pivot toward inclusion for tier two countries and creating a more global game.

The establishment (yes, he's old) would like to potentially see a Club Rugby World Cup.

The vote goes down on Sunday and it appears that tier two nations may be the deciding factor (aka the swing states).

The kit alone dates Beaumont ... Rugby PickEm prefers the young firecracker Pichot to lead the charge for the next 4 years.

Also, The Colorado Raptors have withdrawn from the MLR. They have a different vision for the direction of league and have decided to focus on developing and grooming USA Rugby talent.

The one thing we know for sure is that they have an amazing coach and leader in Pete Borlase. We expect that Pete will have an immensely influential role in sourcing and developing future USA Eagles moving forward.

Rugby Movie Reviews

Prep School - 6/15 Rucks

Production Quality  -
1 / 5  Rucks

Rugby Realism -
 1 / 5 Rucks

 Plot - 
4 / 5 Rucks

Forever Strong - 10 / 15 Dummys

Production Quality -
4 / 5 Dummys

Rugby Realism - 
4 / 5   Dummys

Entertaining Plot - 
2 / 5 Dummys 

El Mismo Equipo - 12 / 15 Rolling Mauls

Production Quality -
4 / 5 Rolling Mauls

Rugby Realism -
 4 / 5 Rolling Mauls

4 / 5 Rolling Mauls


  1. Can't say I agree that Pinchot is the best choice. On the other hand, is Beaumont really the leader we need right now?

    1. Ben ... there's never a perfect candidate, but don't we need someone who wants to reach ALL the rugby playing countries? Not just the traditional powerhouses ...