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Monday, May 4, 2020

RugbyPickEmBio - 015 - Adam Drury

Ladies and Gentleman, we have ourselves a time capsule pod. Rugby PickEm sat down with Adam Drury the night before he moved from Fort Collins, CO to Blacksburg, VA to pursue a career as a veterinarian. It was a beautiful summer night in June 2018, and the birds were a chirpin'. Adam talked about his amazing rugby career and the experiences that came with it. It can be summed up in one of his final lines ... 

"I can't thank everybody enough who have been part of my "rugby life. I hope that anyone out there who is considering rugby will give it a shot ... because it's a friendship and family like no other"

The "Well Hungarians" (Denver Barbos 7's social side) take home some hardware. Any hardware is good hardware.

Stop 1: Passion For The Game - Greenville, SC

Furman Paladins (college)
Greenville Griffins (men's club)
Tried soccer (thank god that didn't play out)
Argies recruited him  ... coached by John Roberts aka "The Brainchild"

Pushed back Wildlife photography for rugby (saving it for his late 70's)

Stop 2: A Never Ending Craft, New Zealand

Showed up on Mark Mackey's door.
Senior 1's (one under Prems)
Knows to stay out of the 9-10 channel
All Blacks vs. Italy in Hamilton
Christian Cullen ... "had a few runs ehhh?"

Bloodied and Beautiful
Back home, one more cathartic season with the Greenville Griffons

Stop 3: The Boy Becomes a Man, Denver, CO

Cold email to the Aspen Gentleman and the Denver Barbarians yielded differing results.

Adam Drury (in white) tracking down KC 7s Legend Kevin "Chicken Man" Schwartze 
Top 3 - Denver Barbarians (15's)

Mike Mangan - "sweetheart of a guy", "hands like a bunch of bananas", "faster than he looks"

Jone Naqica "put me through more gaps than I deserved", "really SHARP guy on the field", "99% sure he's a 7's Eagle".

Jason Kelly "there was nothing he couldn't do with the ball", "kicking was stellar, defense was solid", "great leader on the team"

Honorable Mention
Taylor Howden

Putting the Body on the Line

Shoutout to Kevin Fitzgerald (the vet veteran) for putting him on the career path.

Shoutout to Paul "BW" Caron for coaching grassroots rugby at Virginia Tech.

Rugby PickEm Haiku

Pain is For Pleasure
The Scars are for the Ladies
Liquid Pain Killers

Bonus Content: Canada

Last "Big Effort" season. Lived in Victoria and played for James Bay Athletic Club (JBAA)
Played for Prems .... "An Unbelievable Level of Rugby", "Every Game Was a Tough Game"

Pete Rushdon - one of Adam Drury's favorite coaches.

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