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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dreaming of the Rugby

As the night ran long on the historical Rugby PickEm Awards (better known colloquially as the RPA's), the lads sat around the mic (some didn't even realize it was on), and began reminiscing and dream about a time when the entire USA rugby landscape wasn't shut down due to a Pandemic. 

Little known fact, but Uncle Johnny used to LIVE at his old club the Cincinnati Wolfhounds Rugby Clubhouse (for 5 years). If you know Uncle Johnny, this makes sense as he is one of the most enthusiastic club rugby lovers there is out there. We touched on what it feels like to wake up on gameday, and all the "little moments in between" that truly help grow the bond between teammates. 

Tommy No Piks gives us some insight into his recent dreams (it has a lot to do with fast food characters), and we look to the future as the year 2020 closes out. This one went a bit off the rails towards the end, but didn't just about everything this year? Enjoy!


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