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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Oh The Punditry!!!


The Glorious 2021 MLR Table

Through 5 weeks, it's still early days. But some teams have made serious statements with their play

Heading into week 6 and the season is steaming ... as a meaningless way too early prediction foretold, the current table in the West features a Gilbowl Western final. 

In the East, RUNY sits in the drivers seat, as NOLA looks to hold off the other 4 eastern teams (all still at play). Toronto may get some home games on the backend, but it's wishful thinking to bank on that. They need to win a massive game in New York (well, Jersey) this week to stay in the mix.

Meaningless way too early piks still holding strong 💪

Expert Media Pundit Pick Squares are back thanks to u/oddballgentlman and thank god! We weren't sure what to do with all the pundits piks scattered all over the interwebs ... but now they are in a nice neat excel spreadsheet thanks to our man Alastair "Tackle The Numbers" Poole, the vet by day, numbers guru by night. Big props on supporting the league.

Here was his comeback week back in week 4. Six pundits. And in the blink of an eye ...

At least ARN legend Bryan Ray acknowledged his 0-5 punt on twitter (honorable punditry!)

Just look at how many pundits he found from week 4 to week 5!

The Punditry is literally off the charts!

From 6 to 10 rugby pundits in just one week. Who knows ..., maybe this thing will look like the NCAA March Madness Bracket by week 10. Naturally Rugby PickEm had to decline punditry status because we simply acknowledge that we've been picking with dumb luck since it all began. 

Grassroots return in rugby as Bt and Tommy NoPiks return to coaching HS rugby in Denver. 

More Boots on the Ground (and MLR punditry updates ...) to come.


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