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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Operation 'Hope For The Best'

The full compliment of RP personalities were back in studio for a heated discussion that somehow remained cautiously optimistic! Although the men's Eagles did not qualify for France 2023, we are reminded that not all is lost, and sometimes it truly is darkest before the dawn (scientifically accurate).

The questions that were tossed around (Tommy's arm is still sore) were ...

How can the the men's Eagles find their own identity in the 5 years leading up to Australia in 2027?

Who would be the best fit to lead them?

Can the days of NAFTA be restored through Rugby Mexico and the Serpientes?

How do Rugby Canada and USA Rugby bounce back from their RWC absence?

What type of cash injection is needed in the run up to the 2031 RWC?

Will rugby ever be more than a niche sport in the states ... ? ... HARPO doesn't seem to think so 😕



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