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Friday, March 20, 2020

First-Team ALL-HAIR, Voicemails, Top 5 Rugby Movies to watch for Quarantine

Rugby PickEm fans, let’s just start by saying we couldn’t be more bummed out about the cancelled 2020 season, but it’s times like these that put things in perspective. It’s life and death situations (the entire human species battling a global pandemic) like these that force us to cherish the things close to us like family, and community. We were hoping to bring some laughs in a time of uncertainty (and no rugby), and since we recorded this, the situation has worsened. We hope all the listeners stay safe and we’ll do our best to keep putting up content as everyone locks down in their version of quarantine. Enjoy, and do your best to stop the spread.

RP’s First Team ALL-HAIR

1- Blake Rodgers - CO (straight mullet)
2-  Mike Sosene-Feagai - OGDC (rec specs)
3 - Cam Falcon - NOLA (frosted tips)
4 - Ben Mitchell - SD (ginger, high and tight)
5 - Luke White - CO (bald)
6 - Connor Cook - CO (dreads)
7 - Vili Toluta Ľu - SEA (afro)
8 - Tevita Tameilau - UT ( mullet)
9 - Danny Tusitala - OGDC (frosted tips)
10 - Kurt Koleman - ATL (high top dreads)
11 - Nic Boyer - CO (flow)
12 - Ma’a Nonu- SD (multicolored dreads)
13 - Rene Ranger - CO (bush)
14 - Declan O’Donnel - OGDC (ginger mullet)
15 - Ben Foden - RUNY (flow, dramatic sweeping)


Conor and Goggles, OGDC faithful - Where in the world is HARPO?

Liam McDougal - Getting cross with Stewart McClanahanahan's last call (for fighting in the stands).

Ben from New York - Good time to buy cheap (MLR ownership)?

Guru - Lord of the Flies, Rugby and Stupid, Scarloie Trains, Song and Dance Routine, gets the Crowds going .... 

Ben from Quarantine - Aside from Invictus (with Matt Damon and .... ), what are some good rugby movies to watch???

Our list (in no particular order because we haven't watched them yet, just scouted them online...):

Rugby Movies

- Scrum (2015)
- Forever Strong (2008)
- Mercenaire (original title), Mercenary (2016)
- Prep School (2015)
- En El Mismo Equipo, On The Same Team (2014)

We will be watching these during quarantine and reporting back and we encourage the Rugby PickEm community to watch these movies to so we can all revel in their beauty or complete shit, only time will tell. 


P.S. ... Here's the link to the San Francisco Chronicles, a recommendation from the FloridaMan ProducerDev.

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